Did they go to museum by bus?

We haven't had any problems yet.

What else are you working on?

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Don't laugh at a person in trouble.

Debbie has never been asked out on a date.

Meehan was great.

Emirates is child friendly.

You make me sick, Jayesh.

How about going fishing with me?

Whenever he calls on me, he leaves something behind.

Don't tell anyone our plan.

Vladislav has been sick since last month.

When was the last time you felt love?

I haven't got much money with me.

Floria needs to leave.

Didn't I ask you not to do that?

Chet was walking down Park Street.

Oleg settled down to his work.

He plays the guitar.

You're both insane.

We're only here to help them.

Why did you do this?

Mrs Thomas taught us history.

Scotland's anthem is called "The Flower of Scotland".

I told Lucifer to just relax.

Rainer wouldn't go out with Pascal.


It would behove Lindsey to look after his own kids instead.

He is an interpreter in an international bank.

I don't think I should decide until later.


What colors do you like?

I had to go back.

We've all seen it before.

Are there people who speak your language in public?

What you are telling me about Liisa is quite out of character.

This happened often in the winter.

It didn't make me sad.


The laborer was layed off for 3 weeks.

He insulted me without reason.

Why didn't you go first?

I am sorry to trouble you so much.

I think videogames are warping our kids minds.


Matthias was aware of the difficulties.

I translate, therefore I am.

I won't write a letter in English.

You have to pay the price.

We've been over it three times already.

We all know that it's better to keep early hours.

The departmental heads, lost in petty argument, could not reach a cohesive decision.


The mystery still remains unsolved.

It looks like you've been crying.

I don't have the money to buy that book.


Cynthia didn't notice how Rhonda was dressed.

We ate lunch in a coffee lounge.

Africanized bee colonization caused a panic in America in the 90s.

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How do you like my new suit?

You must miss me a lot.

Hit the brakes.

My mischievous neighbor.

When was the last time Danny came to visit?

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That does not prevent them from taking just as many books.

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Hit the ball on the rise.

Have you ever been to New York?

I thought for sure I was going to die.

Seriously. We have to do something against it.

Rhonda started bouncing up and down on the bed.


I guess that's not what Jackye wanted.

Why do you want that?

Rob asked me if I wasn't feeling well.


We should be better than this.

Being thirsty is a subtle sign of dehydration.

Let's see if we can pry this door open.

He gave me some books.

She's trying to whistle, but she doesn't know how.

They danced awkwardly together.

You're the perfect boyfriend.

I wonder why Lynne was murdered.

I'm living the dream.


Let's go out for a drink.

Do you think Phil is unlucky?

Do your best in everything.

Lightning struck his house.

The patient may pass away at any moment.

I've always wanted to try riding a horse.

Astronauts use tethers to keep tools from floating away. They tether their tools to their spacesuits.

Who is that pretty girl?

I'm not having any fun.

I'm here for personal reasons.

Maybe Darci can help you move the sofa.

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She reflected on what she had done.

Elric is very impressed.

You had better hurry because the banks will close soon.

I'm going to study French next semester.

It's important we find her.

I can't stop. The brakes...

Is Mr Yamada a physics or a chemistry teacher?

A snowslide obstructed the road.

My four-year-old son likes composing little melodies on the piano.


He claimed his share of the profits.

Leith got his eyes tested.

Two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water.


What did Marion say to you?

What am I going to tell him?

Do you see what happens when you don't listen?


They didn't neglect their own duty.


They all looked.

I wonder if they'll get divorced.

Christina came in through the back door.

We have to get Phil's keys.

His condition changed for the better.

Have you ever been married?

Elizabeth gave his son some fatherly advice.

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We're in a library.

The town has beautiful surroundings.

At the beach the child likes to play with the sand.

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Wendi appears to be enjoying the party.


I thought you weren't coming.

We will eat together at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Maybe someone made Kathy do it.

Vishal never said goodbye.

Can't you see why we're suspicious?

The ship leaves for Honolulu tomorrow.

I wish you were a fish in my dish.

Damone's wife is called Monty.

I guess I'm really in trouble now.

Child as she was, she was brave.

Concert tickets are on sale at this office.

He isn't very persevering; he only works in fits and starts.

Where's the "any" key?

What does it matter to you?

Donal ought to stop smoking.

How many stops from here?

Even though it's cheap, why are you buying so much toilet paper? We don't have anywhere to put it all.

May I talk to Hitoshi?

Get Kent out of here.

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Why would I wear that?


Humans are the vehicles that genes use to propagate themselves.


Is that a compliment?

You shouldn't impose your opinion on others.

Soon, their hunger turned to anger.

Varda only eats white meat.

Idiot! She's not being honest when she says she loves you. Haven't you figured it out yet? She's just a gold digger.

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Can you hold that thought?

Yesterday was Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

I change my mind a lot.


He missed the last train.

The book is black.

Do you guys like writing?

You're on the wrong ship.

The office is flooded with fan letters for him.

He stuck his head in the sand like an ostrich.

I never work during weekends.

I'm not through with him.

"I will grow many trees here", he said to himself.

I didn't want to.

He dwelt on the complexities of modern life.


Are those synthetic or cultured pearls?

When I look back upon those days, it all seems like a dream.

Moran would never lie to me.


While John was reading his newspaper, his wife was watching TV.

He kicked it.

I'd like to know the exact time.

I'm extremely fat.

Is Borneo an island or a continent?

Call your mom and tell her you'll be late.

I'm rational.

She was by far the best singer in the class.

Something embarrassing happened last week.

Don't lose heart.

He was a true patriot and an able diplomat.


I don't have any camping equipement.