Why is that funny?

It almost made me cry.


He turned up an hour later.

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Rio is a very large city and Campo Grande is the biggest neighbor.

I had a terrible dream.

Excuse me, but may I put my books here?

Roger came in and handed Carole an envelope.

They were unanimous that the war should be brought to a halt.

Your parents are expecting you home tonight.

Save your long-winded explanations for someone else.

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The man wants to know the truth.

Some people prefer conformity, while others seek novelty.

Because machines could be made progressively more and more efficient, Western man came to believe that men and societies would automatically register a corresponding moral and spiritual improvement.


The third aria is the part in which she makes herself heard the best.


Please leave now.

I don't really know what that means.

Jacobson isn't a bad person.


Those who laugh much are happier than those who laugh little.


The Jabulani is the official match ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


Joubert staggered home from the bar.

A special taskforce managed to catch a suicide bomber downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.

Is there a rule that says I can't do this?

Willie usually listens to a radio station that plays classic rock.

Oleg is probably the only one around here who knows how to play the cello.


Where did you gut them?

What's it made from?

Guillermo leaped to his feet.

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The milk froze and became solid.

Have you ever heard her play the piano?

He lectured our class on literature.

When Jakob was a kid, he used to pretend he was playing the drums by tapping his fingers on the kitchen table, to the great irritation of his father.

We used to play cards all day and night.

The children were flying kites.

The crops have withered.

There is no smoke without fire.

We checked in at the hotel at 5 p.m.

Can you give me a slice of bread?

Horses are easily startled.

I was going to suggest the following possibility.

I'm too busy to have time to enjoy myself.


I thought I could handle it.

I am amused by the idea of commanding by saying "Be a snail!".

The only time he feeds the dog is when his wife is away on a trip.

Cris is waiting for you at the stables.

Which one is better: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Could you please turn off the TV?

Bucharest and Budapest are two different cities in two different countries.

Why don't you change it?

These dry sticks catch fire easily.

I can see a man and a woman.

The rest of the members were all out of tune.

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Wow, I saw a car painted with anime characters for real. I think it's the first time.

Oscar wondered what Casey thought of his new house.

"99 kopeks," Dima stated proudly. "I need 99 kopeks."

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Herman left Hans for another woman.

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Sedovic says that Saumya is innocent.

You're defenseless.

Do they sell books?

How do you know something isn't true?

Go somewhere else. I want to be alone.

Pam likes it.

Dan is for the freedom of expression.

It is true that yours is a good idea, but I am afraid it will be hard to put into practice.

Lester's warned me about that.

The band is excellent.

Nancy blew out the candle.

Serbian trains are terribly slow.

We had no problems at all.


I don't know the cause.

I sat apart from them.

Michiel did something similar.


Trying had no comment.

You wouldn't happen to have a set of jumper leads, would you?

Jon asked me if he should ask Sedovic out.

I'm not sure what Stanly is trying to say.

Maybe the poets are right. Maybe love is the only answer.

He suffers from rickets.

They haven't seen the likes of it.

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The French flag is blue, white, and red.


Physics can be defined as the science of matter, motion, and energy.

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Different people went to different places in America.

They're willing to do it.

The dog goes across the road.

How did it come out?

Pitawas would make a good teacher.

She didn't like him.

As soon as he felt his house shake, he rushed out into the garden.

Kris didn't give me any advice.

Interest accrued from the money left in my savings account.

She's beautiful, too.

Can you give us his name?

The exact time is three now.

I want to get back home before Mann does.

Please get out of the way so this lady can get through.

Novo was sitting at his computer.


I wish more people understood that.

The decision was yours to make.

I couldn't do anything else.

Sridharan was still wearing a nightgown when Loukas got to her house at noon.

Which bee has bit you?

I don't like the taste of this.

Manavendra contradicts just about everything I say.

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How did you do on sports day?

We're not Bengali.

Watch me now.

Can I see you later?

He flapped the flies away.


Please call me up tonight at my office.

It goes without saying that hunger is the best sauce.

What is so funny?

This dog breed has very special markings.

I wish Tao would learn to speak French.


I don't really want to paint my house blue.

That movie star has many fans.

I took the subway yesterday.

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Where should I throw away this empty cup?

This place has not been the same since you left.

Umm, I have a request...

The floor was covered with blood.

This fear is understandable.

Werner and Robin are now alone in the classroom.

I didn't vote for Susanne.

We'll have to build a pen for the pigs.

The US judicial system and press are incredible: One day you're a poor examplary housewife, victim of a rape, the next, you're an illegal immigrant, having committed perjury and being suspected of whitewashing drug money.


Naren needs to pay more attention in class.

Choose either one or the other.

This is outlandish.

Do you really trust me?

Valentin is only pretending that he doesn't know.

I can't make head or tail of this picture.

We are the first to arrive.

Thank Joseph. It was his idea.

To hear him speak, you'd take him for a foreigner.


But the universe is infinite.

They combined their money to buy a present.

Dan went back to bed.


The girl fainted, but she came to when we threw water on her face.


Japan is the only nation to have been hit by nuclear bombs.

It is not that I am unwilling, but that I have no time.

Did you answer Julius's question?

I represented my country.

Isn't he cute when he's so angry?

You're messing up with the wrong guy, babe.

Mike is outside waiting for Pantelis.

Andre Agassi is a former tennis player.

She visits him quite often, but never stays very long.

Did we have any English homework due tomorrow?

I'm not very hungry.

I thought Erik might enjoy that movie.

That's a bad loss.

I noticed words crudely spray-painted upon the wall, perhaps by a young Berliner, 'This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality.' Yes, across Europe, this wall will fall. For it cannot withstand faith; it cannot withstand truth. The wall cannot withstand freedom.

To adopt a sentence, click on the white person icon.

Magnus heard someone in the hallway.

The populations of China and India dwarf those of every other nation.


Amy came into the kitchen carrying two grocery bags.

I don't like thick soup.

We deal in silk goods.

I think Gideon is intense.

He's a singing teacher.

You must not leave right now.

What a great experience!

She went on a reducing diet.

This, in essence, is the secret of science.

Do you know Turkeer well?

You have a personal tax exemption of 500,000 yen.

He left the house without saying goodbye.

There were more than fifty girls at the party.


Love is wonderful!

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Did Siegurd not know how to do that?