Why didn't you think of that before?

I need to send some letters.


The curtain time is at 8:00.


You're obsessed.


I don't think we get those over here in the UK.


This may sound crazy, but I think I want to go back and do it again.

Micah is still trying to convince Leung to help him with his homework.

I won't pay for him.

Ole loves chocolate ice cream.

C'mon, let's eat something!


Everyone knows that he's still alive.


Vic was so angry that he couldn't speak.


Do you know any authors who write in multiple languages?

I'm not going to do this.

I don't think it's good for him to go alone.

Judith was asked to submit documentary evidence to support his application.

She divided the cake between the two.

Many friends saw him off.

I know better than to quarrel.

That sound is annoying.

Hang in there, guys.

It isn't that I don't love you; I am just very tired.

He worked so hard that eventually he made himself ill.

She fell ill, but got well soon.

May I take a rain check?

I'm ashamed of what my fellow professionals and I have done during the past.

When did you start learning German?

Uncut footage of the governor's affair has surfaced on the Internet.

We were all a little stunned.

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There's room for improvement.

Are you competent?

You're very selfish.

The trouble is that I have no money on me now.

I can't lie to her again.

He had some.

These cotton socks bear washing well.

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You can't sell the cow and keep the milk.

I don't mind sleeping on the couch.

I have a good many things to do today.

Take a chance on me!

By looking for bargains and scrimping a little on many everyday items, Carolyn can afford to splurge once or twice a year on a spa treatment or going to a beauty salon.

Since I broke my foot, I'm walking with crutches.

Kerry shouldn't have borrowed so much money from Knute.

Will you talk to him?

We've allowed for that.

The greatest hate springs from the greatest love.

Hugh reluctantly went back to his bedroom.

I used to work for Matt.

He praised the pupil for his honesty.

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We should think about it.

Douglas got hurt in the game last week.

I need to repay her.


Make more efforts.


What could be better than that?


Would you page Mr Sawada?

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Sorry, I don't speak very well Esperanto.

You're different when you're with Jun.

Karl Marx said: "Workers of the world, unite!"

Where was Herbert imprisoned?

I'm playing with my friends.

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I expect to see Mr Jones next week.


Someone will come for you.

I refuse to be treated like a slave by you.

Plastic is nervous and excited.

I go to bed about ten.

Marlena had his wisdom teeth taken out.

I'd love meeting an Esperantist and spending the whole day saying, "What's this?".

What snacks do you have?

It's been an amazing experience.

Shamim reminded Niels about the meeting.

I am deeply indebted to my friends for all their help.

I can't just stay here.


The wind is blowing and the fruit knows: It's time to fall down.

Pat is under pressure to find a solution to this problem.

Traffic accidents are likely to occur on rainy days.

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"The Scots say no to a separation from Great Britain." This is the result of a poll from the voting day.

If you don't do that, you will be a dead man.

You need to clean the windshield.

The leader made formidable declarations.

In certain situations, inferences are needed.


There's a label on the jar.

Sriram keeps his passport in a safe deposit box at the bank.

The little girl said that she saw the statue of the dinosaur move.

I'm glad to hear that you're getting better.

That would've been discourteous.

She cried and cried, but no one came to comfort her.

Might I ask you a question?

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We didn't expect them to buy a new car.

This is Vaughn's cat.

What did she look like?

It's time for lunch.

The news was suppressed for the time being.

She's having an affair.

Helen came to Japan last year.

I heard a strange sound in the dead of night.

Filiberto has fled to Acapulco.

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Jeremy flew in from Boston this morning.

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I just want the facts.


If you don't like him, why were you talking to him?


While still an undergraduate, Adams performed an investigation to try to explain the reason for the irregularities in the motion of the planet Uranus. He theorized that the unexpected planetary orbit could be due to the presence of an as yet undiscovered planet.

Thank you all for being here.

Did you want to meet with her?

Every foreigner who visits Japan says that prices here are too high.

Without Chinese influences, Japanese culture would not be what it is today.

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This tower commands a full view of the city.

I'd heard what had happened.

What will be happening on Thursday?

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Indra asked Felix to give him a ride to the amusement park.

It's going to be a long trip.

After opening, please eat as soon as possible.

Piet pointed to the map on the wall.

We didn't understand anything you said.

You can borrow my car anytime.

I would like to see Mr. Smith.

How did you two meet?

What is needed is more time.

Let's all just calm down.

I can lend you some money if you like.


He can die from overwork.

Please don't take pictures here.

The Pacific Ocean alone covers an area larger than that of all continents put together.

He is a most clever boy.

We just don't know enough yet.

That was a test. You just passed.

You'd be a fool not to do that.

He was promoted to the position of school principal.

Are you coming to my house next Sunday?

What exactly happened with Eugene?

I sort of had a crush on you.

You took risks, didn't you?

Markus told me about his dog.


Have you ever tried using it?

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Toerless got you a gift.

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You run that backhoe like a concert violinist plays a concerto.

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The food was very good.


Terri has gone skiing.

He's raking it in.

She will be famous in the future.

This is all that's left.

Why don't you reply to my message?

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Murat did say that, but I don't think he really meant it.

Raman doesn't get along with the man who lives next door.

Which school is the best?

I'm not a bully.

I'm parked across the street.

Space was caught stealing.

We understand that better now.

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You turned off the computer.

International traders are struggling just to get by.

Why did you want to go to Armenia?


That is my place.

Don't I look the same?

Everybody feels comfortable with him.


From now on, let's eat lunch in the kitchen.

Call her immediately.

He could not swim.

She lay still with her eyes closed.

He looks stern, but actually he's very kind.


None of us are opposed to her ideas.

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I'd like to be alone.

Don't tell me to shut up.

I'm happy to cooperate.