Young children usually have short attention spans.

Jane is not so tall as Nigel.

I just want to know how far we're going.

I got an email yesterday that was written in French.


I was able to grasp the main points of the speech.

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I wonder why some people think black cats are unlucky.

Russian is considered to be a difficult language.

There is nobody better than you.

We got lost in the snow.

I have to cover his loss.

I liked that band better before they became popular.

She turned down our offer of help.


Ernst is left-handed.

I made something for you.

If you were gone, I'd die.

His son had been killed in a duel.

They all did well.

We'll solve this together.

Sassan spends all his time thinking about sports.

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Vistlik should have told me earlier.

I keep a female cat.

Feed me.

That club is way too big.

Am I in London?

These horses are hers.

I haven't had time to fully discuss the plan with Ti.


I would've said something.

He always connects to his childhood in his books.

Linder should be able to tell us a little about Boston.

I'm very hungry now.

You've had enough time.


He was reluctant to reveal what he really meant.


Could you be more specific?

It is the blood of Lady Eleanore de Canterville, who was murdered on that very spot by her own husband, Sir Simon de Canterville, in 1575.

She burned her left hand.

The wise person never speaks all that he thinks, but always thinks before he speaks.

I'm very tired and want to go to bed early.

A driver was sleeping in the car.

I said I couldn't do it.

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If the large maroon turtleneck is too big, do you have it in medium?

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If a triangle has two right angles, it's a square missing one side.


Let us speak.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular places in the USA.


Mah doesn't understand anything of french.

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The Klan often terrorized blacks.

My house is a shack.

You know my dog's name, don't you?

What I like and what I don't is not important.

He chopped some onions.

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I have plenty of money with me.

My uncle's job was teaching cooking.

I think that was hilarious.


Are you going to see him again?

Thanks to modern technology, loading music on your device is nearly as simple as plugging it into your computer.

I like the crisp taste of menthol cigarettes.

It was truly inspirational.

They had their marriage registered on February 5.

Another ten minutes drive will take you to the seashore.

I'm ready to move on with my life.


Lewis is a fierce competitor.

She has done him many kindnesses.

We don't know anything about Damon.

I spent the whole week working on that report.

New guests must register in the hotel book.

I ate a hamburger.

Al looks stuck.

Could I be going soft in the head? I forget things so easily these days.

I'm deeply concerned about this.

He went to the hall to give an address.

One night a merchant was walking up the slope on his way home.


I don't have it with me.

When will we go home?

I just want to hug you.

It's not like you to complain.

I don't like playing with him. We always do the same things.

I can't see the end.

Nothing seems to make sense anymore.

He must have gotten over his cold.

The car is waiting at the gate.

I'll take Roxane there myself.

How long do you think you'll be gone?


Without a good education, how can you succeed?

Vilhelm doesn't really enjoy translating.

I maxed out my credit card.


My gerbil has gone missing.

Cristi just can't stand Mayo.

Now I have a headache, too.

I don't cut their hair.

I know I deserve this.



I'm a cocaine exporter.

I hope that will change soon.

Gregor should have his eyes examined.

Was Ravindranath wrong?

He is much taller than me.

Susan broke the dish on purpose to show her anger.

To study English is important for today's young people.

It's coming up to Christmas here and all the shops are like "Buy! Buy! Buy!"

I'll let you speak to them.

She doesn't love me.

I'm not sure I can contact him.

He's very experienced.


Erick has always favored representative government.

You take everything too literally.

A man of prudence wouldn't say such things.

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He ordered a chop suey.

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Winston has been decisive.

Louise was left badly scarred after botched plastic surgery.

Here, let me try.

That's quite obvious.

"Whose screwdrivers are these?" "They are the repairman's."

You must be very excited.

I got a C in French.

Please give me a pen and some sheets of paper.

This desk is made out of reclaimed wood.

She won't know that you love her unless you tell her.

This box must be large enough for all these books.

I'm a little bit insecure.

I think I've always loved Bjorne.


I've no idea what's happening.

Do you know Persian?

You must convince Sidney to stop smoking.

Do you have a student fare?

Can you do that in a day?

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We've lost faith in humanity.


Eileen tore the letter to pieces.

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I'm feeling sad for Hohn.

Himawan took over the business.

There isn't much to say.


A true love story never ends.

It sounds interesting.

The king's mother is dead.

Vern has three of them.

Kinshasa is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I do want to go to Italy.

I must have a haircut at the barber's today.


The police are looking into the cause of the accident.

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Van will perk up.

I just threw it out the window.

These questions are easy to answer.


That's how you do it.


I'd like to play a game of golf.

Kim isn't very happy, is he?

Great people are not always wise.

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He has an inexplicable talent for mathematics.

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When will I see you again?

We carry out some research into the causes of brain damage.

Where do you want me to put this?


Are you nice to Maria?

We chose a hotel close to the museum.

Why are you sleeping on the couch?

Private charity is only a drop in the bucket.

It was still early in the day when Ragnar arrived at the campground.


And those were his last words.

Elliott had one wish.

Tell Suyog Rathnakumar had nothing to do with this.

Malaclypse isn't a rookie anymore.

I'm drenched in sweat.

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Hazel waited alone in the hallway.

They send us to the farm.

He went so far as to call me a fool.

I really don't see the point.

The pupil held up his hand to ask a question.