All you have to do is write.

We've both been under stress.

Pim doesn't want to sell his land.

She was impressed.


I cannot bring myself to accept your offer.

Rhonda thought he could reach the airport on time if he drove a little over the speed limit.

He has unrealistic standards.

You shouldn't mess with Coleen.

I'm actually a university teacher.

The others don't want her here.

What are you insinuating?


Louiqa hates going to school.


This never happened to me before.

This is worse than everything else.

There's no problem whatsoever.

Be confident.

Naim isn't in.


Leung tried to catch the chicken.


I tried to get Cathy and Sandip to play with John.

Sarah will help us.

You, too, can achieve success if you try.


I've got to get this fixed right away.

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How many years have you been married?

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I pretended to be asleep.

I'm Mott's mom.

Teruyuki thinks martial arts are silly.

Everyone was enjoying the journey.

I spoke to him.


I'll just leave this here.

His advice is always very rational.

The government doesn't notice people. They do whatever they want.

We'll hurry.

In the countryside, everybody used to breed chicken and rabbits.


You are not omnipotent.

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After my father took his last breath, I had to phone my aunt in Germany and when I told her that he died, she corrected me: he passed on.

I don't like long drives.

If I were a boy, I think I could understand.

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I signed the check.

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Seeing that he's not preparing at all, it seems that he's not planning to take the exam.

I thought that's why Neil was here.

Kristi couldn't help but look.


Give it up, Sedovic.

That was all wrong.

It's too late to try that.

We need to protect him.

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

He asked for a pay raise.

If you do that again, Raghu will be very angry.

Marilyn needs to remain in bed.

Harold's assistant came in and handed Old a message.

People have become so rotten!

He complimented me.

I told the cops the same thing.

You could start your own company.

I studied really hard so as to pass the exam.

Walking is a good exercise.

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I got a B in arithmetic.


Do you have a blog?

I immediately accepted his offer.

Try to sit with your back really straight.


I can't make a decision on the spot. I'll have to talk to my boss first.

What do you do for work?

What's that got to do with her?

He doesn't have enough brains to do sums in his head.

People told Maria that she was cute, but the mirror said: "You are much more than cute, you are beautiful!"

Joe doesn't waste any time, does he?

Is he aware of the difficulty?


The poor mother could not endure the unfilial behaviour of her son.

Everything seems confusing.

Where do you think I should start?

He that knows little often repeats it.

Do you have any objections?

This is what Dwayne would do.

I'll slap the living daylights out of you!


The station is two miles away.

There are few, if any, mistakes in his composition.

Do it this way.

Bob writes to me once a month.

Spring has officially arrived.

Mr David seems tired.

She presented me to her brother.

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It is obvious that his condition has not worsened.

Don't ride a bicycle on sand.

I'll be back before morning.


Oh, yes, I remember.

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There were no laws saying what they could or could not do.

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I don't have any.

Zero, ten, one hundred, one thousand, one million, one billion.

Can we rent a fishing boat here?

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I told you not to give up.

What do they get out of all this?

I saw you with a tall boy.

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What would you like for dinner?

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Pam didn't take part in the marathon.

Tell him not to come.

Excuse me, do you happen to know it?


Sanford and I are almost the same weight.

I don't know where my keys are.

Is this restaurant open?


That's quite an impressive list.

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I love to walk along the river in the mornings.

Who was going to organize these men into an army?

Juha's team is the worst team in the league.

I wish I had treated the girl more kindly.

So the captain took care of him.

I didn't have anything to drink.

There is no point in deluding yourself; you know it well that she's just playing games with you.

Pim takes a walk every morning.

He kept insisting that he wasn't wrong.

If it had not been for his help, we would have failed in our enterprise.

Shouldn't Wendy be back by now?


On the contrary, Zamenhof always advised testing the new forms through usage.

Feel free to stay.

Did you like that?

I can't carry on like this.

It's difficult to tell which side is up.


Dan is doing a disservice to the community.


The city is asleep.

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Did Harvey tell Brett how to do it?

I thought of one.

If I had known before I courted, I never would have courted none.


Can I count on you both to be there?

Donovan decided not to play dodge ball because he wasn't feeling well.

Sanity gave Jinny a ride home after the party.

This truck has a maximum load of 5 tons.

They want to be lawyers.

She majors in organic chemistry.

I'll have another beer.

Herbert walked to Park Street and then turned left.

She said she can't come, what a party pooper!

A dog chased a cat.

Does this mean you're not coming to help?


Why didn't you just tell me that you weren't planning to come?

She always keeps the garden.

Remember you are under oath.

It's in the air that they may get married.

That's not the way I see it.

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That's not the goal.


When the rock singer appeared on the stage, the audience at the concert clapped loudly.


I heard the report.

The city has wonderful places to walk with children.

How did you enjoy the play?

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Kaj died a few weeks later.

I tried to open the window, but it seems to be stuck.

I can't find my plane ticket.

What did you do at that moment?

Stu moved house.

Van is not too pleased.

West is in trouble not because he is a gay man, but because he is a man who was apparently willing to use the power of his public office to solicit sexual favors.

Rod just barely earns enough to live on.

The yacht sailed around a buoy.

You come here.

Some people are difficult to please.

Mohammad died in prison.

He couldn't remember my address.

The heavy rain prevented us from going fishing.

Such being the case, I can't go with you.

Soccer is a team sport.

He became sad when he found out.

You got that right! This quiet little forest you chose to compose your doctorate is also the vacation home of a ruthless and power-hungry Satanist!

Politics leaves him cold.