No one had any questions about the plan.

I saw what Kevan did.

Riding in a Ferris wheel is my favorite thing to do.

Let's stay together. It'll be safer that way.

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He keeps pacing up and down restlessly.


Buzz off.

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I meant to call them.

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The new fashion soon lost its appeal.

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I liked Ping better before he got married.

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The due date for submitting the application is this Friday.

You should buy as many as you think you'll need.

That automatically disqualifies him from speaking on the subject.

Olivier doesn't have any problems at school.

Metin told Milo why he couldn't go to her party.

She had something to talk over with him.

The capital of the Ukraine is Kiev.

He holds the rank of colonel.

The china was displayed in a special cabinet.


What do you plan on doing with the money?


Anne tried to protect his kids.

We had nothing to do with it.

They neglected his advice, with the result the their company went bankrupt.

I'm going to keep my distance from her for a while.

He mastered English easily.


Are Scots really stingy?


I'll look after the children while you go shopping.

It's a complicated transaction.

Sundaresan has three extra tickets he wants to sell.

I try to avoid him as much as possible.

Her only desire is to see him again soon.

I know what she said.

Where's Lanzarote?

Let's only talk about one problem at a time.

I spotted you in the crowd as soon as I saw your hat.

Benjamin didn't come to get Tiefenthal.

The child will be six.

I was starving when I got home.

I don't know why I cried so much.

How many workdays are there this month?

Pontus's answer may surprise you.

My nephew watched the animals in the zoo.

Sir wants to die.

There are so-called primitive cultures in the jungles of the Amazon and on the island of New Guinea, and there are so-called advanced cultures in Europe, Asia, and Africa, but the languages of these cultures are all equally advanced and complex.

In the first place, we must have capital to begin it with.

The crowd cheered when he appeared.

Be more careful, or you will make mistakes.


Let's see what's happening in this big country.

One should do one's best to be happy.

What I've done!

Because of the dense haze, the road was hard to see.

The is like his father.

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Threatening me is useless, I won't say anything.

Tiny animals such as krill eat plankton.

To my side, my wife, who I'm presently at odds with, lies sleeping.

He looked deeply into her eyes.

He who wishes for peace, prepares for war.

The plane was hit by a bolt of lightning.

She is still financially dependent on her parents.


Make sure Jisheng gets home safely.

And God said: Love!

Losses were heavy on both sides.

Bruce hasn't been home in a week.

My dream is to become a space-archaeologist and to explore extinct planets.

Do you think this is the right thing to do?

Didn't I warn you about her?

Contrary to popular belief, Hienz isn't that naive.

Let's scrap everything and start over again with a clean slate.

Where did you see him?

That story can't be true.

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Maybe it's not too late.

It was never our intention to deceive you.

Something isn't right about this.

She could sing all Schubert songs while playing the piano.

You won't have a reason to not want to get on it.


How many hours a week do you work?

We have to look after ourselves now.

You're really angry.

Boys are better than girls at mathematics.

They cry out against the new tax.


Whichever road you may take, it will lead to the station.


Jesper insisted on coming to see you.

Maarten needed to sweep the floor.

I couldn't believe this!

Can you do a handstand?

Adam is only a couple of years younger than Randell.


Now the school has a boy from England.

He was the only one who came to the party.

"You've fallen asleep. Good. I am now going to leave you all alone in the dark while I go out and get drunk." "You are a terrible person." "Gosh! You're still awake." "I stick my tongue out at you as a gesture of defiance. Now continue with the bloody story. If you omit even the tiniest and most insignificant of details, you will return here tomorrow to find these walls covered in excrement. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" "Shut up and listen."

What I need is your help.

You should keep in store that pastries because that food looks so wasted.

I've seen nobody except you.

People seem to be magnetically attracted to Barbra.


Why would you believe them?

The American Navy was ready to fight.

We have to get the necessary capital ready for the plan.

He had the goodness to come all the way to see me.

I don't need your charity.


She blamed him for all her problems.

I have the power to find out when someone is reading my mind.

I cleaned up the mess.

The freedom of expression was strictly limited.

I like green tea.

She's a great girl.

He's in pain.

I bought a pair of leather gloves.

Please permit me to ask you some questions.

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The policeman caught me by the wrist.

I'll wear a white dress.

He asked me if I was busy.

Tracey is clearly troubled by something.

Rainer can do this work alone.

Leave her out of this.

How do you know for sure?

I only buy yellow cars.

They are all the same.

I will help you.

They say golf is very popular in Japan.

Through him all things were made.

Morton stood trial for armed robbery.

This is an incredible result.

Charleen has been driving without a license.


Many couples nowadays sign prenuptial agreements.

Maybe you should buy it.

If you eat that much, you'll get sick.


There is a serious problem.


Pia chose wisely.

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They even listened to music.

She works hard to earn her living.

My teacher recommended that dictionary.

Marc had a good reason for doing what he did.

Boil the water.


Why is it dark?

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Excuse me, could I get past?


I'd better get back to work now.

I love my cat.

Curtis is homophobic.


Can you wait about an hour?

I like to be here.

I found no money left in my pocket.

The local languages are almost dead.

I can't afford a car.

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This PC will save you a lot of trouble.

We hadn't credited this report.

Miriam is boiling the potatoes to make potato salad.


Make a good translation of the sentence that you are translating. Don't let translations into other languages influence you.

I'd rather it didn't come to that.

I don't actually have any money.

I found her cat in an empty room.

Mahesh is probably swimming now.

I lost my glasses.

So they were not able to dream.

How many books have you read?

The beer mug is almost bigger than you are.


I must say something to you now.

What you said about Ethan was nice.

Nigel was suspicious.


Yes, I also have a relationship with the prophet.

This medicine will ensure you a good night's sleep.

Since the bus was late, I took a taxi.

Our business is expanding.

Would you like another beer?

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At first there will be many unfamiliar words and grammatical forms, but you don't have to be afraid.

What are you studying?

The leaders of the two countries refused to meet halfway.

Manjeri usually works from nine to five-thirty.

Bush always says the truth.