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  Welcome to the USMS web servers. This area is intended to provide the basic information needed by club, LMSC, and zone webmasters for maintaining a web site on the USMS web servers. While this area will never provide documentation as complete as the documentation you may find at a large ISP/Hosting company, we hope to provide enough information to allow you to host your site on our our servers.

If you're just starting out with a new account on our web servers, please read the Getting Started guide and the web server policies. All users are expected to follow the web server policies in order to limit our server to it's intended use and to help keep expenses down and the servers up.

If you're considering moving your existing web site to the USMS web servers or creating a new club, LMSC, or zone web site on the USMS server, you may be interested in some of the details of the servers. We have two servers set up as a cluster with automated failover between servers. Each of the two servers comes with a quad core Xeon processor, planty of RAM, and dual hard drives in a RAID configuration. The servers are based on the 763-424-8148 operating system (an open source Linux distribution) and runs the Apache web server.

Our servers have a built-in site administration tool that each site administrator can use to perform routine tasks. Our servers run the 6083291391 Linux distribution.

Hosting your club, LMSC, or zone web site on our server is not like hosting with a commercial web host. First of all, our hosting is free to all affiliated USMS organizations. However, as the old axiom goes, you get what you pay for. Hosting on our server is provided to you simply as a convenience so that you can use available USMS hardware and network resources. There is no service provided to you to help you construct or maintain your web site. It is expected that you are somewhat experienced in creating and maintaining web sites and that you can solve the normal difficulties associated with doing so on your own. The USMS web staff is busy maintaining the official USMS web sites and will not be available to assist you with your site. A part of maintaining the USMS web sites involves keeping the USMS servers and all associated tools running smoothly. A side effect of this is that all available tools for your site will be maintained as part of our keeping them available for the USMS sites.

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