Please bring your intermediate examination certificate with you to the first day of class.

I don't think I have time to explain it right now.


Would you like to meet him?


We should go inside the house.

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I've only just begun.


She burst out crying.

Glaciers, land ice and icebergs are made of fresh water.

Would you like some fruit juice?

I used to live here.

When he heard the news, he turned pale.

Both Ozan and Curtis lived in Boston when they were kids.

I won't tell anyone. I promise.

Since I'm busy, maybe Hurf can help you.

The tornado is getting bigger and bigger.


I really had a good time.

You said you were in trouble. How can I help?

When the clock struck at midnight, just like that, Cinderella's fancy carriage changed back into a pumpkin.

It was very stuffy.

I have not heard from her for a year.

Just give them a second.

Erick got very drunk and poured his heart out to the bartender.

Tastes in music vary from person to person.

He found difficulty in making ends meet on his small salary.

I want to thank Sharada for singing the song I requested.

If a conversation is not going too well, try changing tack.

It was very cold yesterday, so I stayed at home.

I asked Collin to stay.

Kay knew it would be too hard for me.

A biochemist gathers mutants for everything as if they were ingredients for a recipe.

Who's speaking at the meeting tonight?

Does Cecilia ever tell you what to do?

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A pelican can fit a lot of fish in its beak.

Jorge glanced out the window again.

They're at home.

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The crowd was moving in a solid body.


Is there a cafe?


The detective has a lot of adventures.

Phiroze was the only man there.

At least I'm not a loser like you.

You can park here.

Sit down with me.


She lives in Dubai.


Juergen told Stan a joke, but she didn't think it was funny.

This building is ancient.

My brother probably wrote this letter.


We'll convince Root.

Hello, good people!

Peter was stabbed in the back.

I'm trying to eat more vegetables.

Do you know anything about Australia?

A pizza topped with mozzarella is my first choice.

There were no other customers.

Nobody brought eating utensils to the party.

He is hostile to the proposal.

You can pick up a lot of words by reading.

I've cut out junk food.

Terms of use may be changed without notice.

Tracey would've wanted it that way.

I didn't speak with Ahmed.

Trolling is a sin!

Cultures of the East and the West meet together in this country.

I love competing with Gregg.

I'm going to give you one more chance.

You're twisting the truth.

Did that work?

Japan was becoming more powerful in Asia.

The big tree was struck by lightning.

Malaclypse used the floor jack.


You should find a more constructive way of venting your anger.


Spencer's not as bad as you think.

The orchestra struck up nostalgic music.

History is an ever-ongoing process.

I'd like a car like yours.

He left no stone unturned to carry out the plan.


Azaleas are blooming.

Are you joking or are you serious?

The main streets of many villages have in fact been abandoned. The main reason is the advance of big stores like Wal-Mart.


Father often tells me to keep things clean.

You have a lot of books.

It was good talking to you.

Don't make fun of her. She just chugged three bottles of beer.

You needn't have bought such a large house.

Japan is trying to cope with the aging of its population.

I made you a sandwich.

I wanted to say goodbye.

Even Kari was surprised.

Sal knew I'd be awake.

We should just keep doing what we're doing.

Daedalus was an engineer who was imprisoned by King Minos. With his son, Icarus, he made wings of wax and feathers.

All of us speak English.

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If he had trained himself harder at that time, he would be healthier now.

We didn't ask.

Many trees were cut down.

Those who ask will seek the truth.

Everyone screamed.

Jitendra sometimes walks to work.

I can't do anything tonight.

Gretchen has a weak heart.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

I got so mad I wasn't able to speak.

Airplanes enable us to travel around the world in a few days.

Take anything you like.

That would be nice, wouldn't it?


Don't be a spoilsport.

Today's play really moved me.

I need to get something out of my briefcase.

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I've nothing to do today.


You're too smart for your own good.

We're all going to share it. Could you bring us some extra plates?

Your idea leaves nothing to be desired.


He asked me the name of Connie's father.

Gardening is fun.

Skip is skinny, isn't he?

Ann is indiscreet.

All I need to know about Jared is his phone number and email address.

I simply don't love you.

He makes a mountain out of a molehill.


Moore is one of the best workers we have.


He did the reverse of what I asked.

Do you have an itinerary for your business trip?

You talked to us, right?

There's one thing in particular that I'm interested in.

We'll come back later.

For the time being, he's staying at a neighboring hotel.

Everybody was at work.

The students are back.

Please talk to me, Beverly.

The youth was quiet.

Take this chair to the meeting room.

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"I caught a bad cold." "That's too bad."

What a sad story this is!

I won't tell anyone about you.

You said I should do that.

I'm trying to tidy things up a bit.


The soldiers had artillery.

Gideon could've been lying.

I am certain of your success.

Curt was happy tonight.

Does it offend you?

Straka killed someone in self-defense.

What a long week!

William wants Sergio to buy a new dress for the banquet.

You're going to make me blush.

Travis wanted to get out of bed, but he couldn't.

One of the sophisms of Chrysippus was, "If you have not lost a thing, you have it."

Could I have a second with them?

What do you plan to major in at college?

Bill is two years older than I am.

In the end, he still had something to say.

The plane had already left the airport.

Can you tell right from wrong?

Izchak does a pretty good job of forecasting the weather.

What's in that smoothie?


No scruple held him back from making this attempt.

If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

Erick shouldn't be here today.

We gave him a royal send-off at the airport.

There are trees on either side of the river.

Our plane is flying over the clouds.

He looked up at his mother, waiting for her to be shocked.


I hope you're right about this.

There's no need to be nervous.

I'll see you two later.

It's time my dream came true.

I stayed longer than I thought I would.


Can you give that to Joni?

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She felt a sigh of relief when she got the work done.


The Narita Express will take you directly to Tokyo Station in approximately 90 minutes.


I don't blame her.