Our customers all share one passion

To serve hot food-to-go as fresh as the moment it was made.

Flexeserve Zone® is the pinnacle of 25 years' work

in heated display units

Our goal is to improve the world of hot food-to-go

As a Flexeserve Zone® customer, you’ll receive an all-encompassing service.

Flexeserve Zone® delivers on our promise … like no other hot food display unit.

Flexeserve Zone® enables food outlets to expand their hot food-to-go operations, by maintaining a variety of foods at optimum quality and serving temperature for record times.

Feast on the benefits

The whole package

Our food packaging expertise and consultancy service ensure that product quality is retained throughout the hot-holding process when keeping food hot.

It's a wrap!

Exceeding your customers' expectations

Food for now, food for later. People want the freedom to eat anywhere, anytime. On the go, on the way there, on the way home …


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